12 Channels Live Studio Audio Mixer Amplifier Professional USB Mixing Bluetooth


Specifications:Maximum input level of the microphone+24dBuLine maximum input level+24dBuMaximum output levelXLR card + 26dBuMain level meter10-segment LED, -24dB to CLIPFrequency response20Hz-30Khz±0.5dBMaximum power input power15WTotal chopping distortion (RHD+N)0.01%Crosstalk (1kHz)fader off 85dB channel 82dBNoise (22Hz-22KHz)Equivalent input noise -122dBu Remaining output noise -90dBuMono/stereo channel EQhigh frequency +/-15dB, 12KHz low frequency +/-15dB, 80KHz high IF +/-15dB, 2.5KHz2-track returnRCA lotu seat, unbalanced, 4K ohm, -2dBu2-track transmissionRCA lotu seat, unbalanced, 75 ohm, -2dBuL/R outputXLR, balanced, tip hot end, 75 ohm, +4dBu, max +22dBuFX/AUX outputTRS, unbalanced, tip hot end, 75 ohm, -2dBu, max +18dBuHeadphonesTRS, Tip L, Ring R, Recommended 30 to 600 ohm headphonesSize516mm*340mm*37mmPackage includes:1x Professional mixer

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