Car Air Purifier Plus Parking Number Plate Smart Touch Removes Cigarette Smoke Dust Frost Germs Food Odors for Car & Home


HEPA Multiple Filtering: Car air purifier can effectively filter formol, germs, PM3.0 HEPA, PM2.5 HEPA and active carbon. Providing you a fresh air condition.
Solar Charging: Our product designed with solar panel can be recycled use, clean and environmentally friendly energy. Very convenient and practical.
Negative Ion Purification: Built-in negative ion purifier, the powerful purification. You can always enjoy fresh air and drive as if in a forest.
Unique Characteristic: The car air purifier has an unique design that is water inlet, so you can drop your favorite essential oil and the fragrance will pervade your car.
Extra Function: It is not only a air purifier, but also a parking number board, which can be hidden in the product, convenient as well as space-saving.
Multipurpose: The car air purifier has a feature of flexible placement and wide application, it can be used in cars, home or office.

Instruction of Use:
1. Long press the power button for more than 5 seconds, the product operates, the ambient light is bright blue and the wind speed is high.
2. After the machine is turned on, touch the wind speed button, the wind speed becomes low, and each time you touch it, the wind speed will automatically switch.
3. After turning on the machine, tap the ambient light to switch the light intensity.
4. Long press the power key for more than 5 seconds, the product will be turned off.
5. When the battery capacity is too low, the ambient light will turn red.
6. When the USB charging cable is plugged in, the ambient light will flash, and it will is red during charging. When the battery is full, it will turn blue.

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