Cellularline Interphone Angel 20, GPS-System


It is a GPS tracking device that allows you to check the position of your motorcycle and scooter in real time and thus protect them from theft. Easy to install and activate, it gives you full control of your favorite media, even from a distance. Resistant to dust and water, there are no atmospheric conditions that could affect operation. By downloading the special app, it is possible to activate and modify several alarms to optimally express the potential of GPS-Angel 20 and to adapt the commands to different requirements. With this model, the app subscription is free for life to ensure worry-free use. You do not need to worry about your bike, it is always protected. Features
GPS tracking in real time + AGPs Intelligent power management Protection of the vehicle battery IP65 dust and waterproof Ignition detection Interruption of fuel/power supply by remote control Multiple alarms

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