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The Hungarian Hot Wax Produces A Large Number Of Long, Smooth Bright Yellow Chillies With A Waxy Look, Starting Off Sweet, As They Ripen And Mature They Turn Red And Become Rather Hot.these Tasty Chillies Are Best Grown Under Glass, Or Other Suitable Crop Protection, But Can Be Transplanted Outdoors In June In Warm, Sheltered Chilli Plants Hungarian Hot Wax Supplied As Pack Of 3 Plantsproduces Long Smooth Yellow Chillies With A Waxy Lookstart Off Sweet And Mature To Red When They Become Rather Hotbest Grown Under Glass delivered From Mid To Late Maygrown Pesticide Freeplease Allow Up To 3 Weeks For Deliveryplease Note: Due To Postage Charges Incurred We Require A Minimum Order Of 3 Separate Packs Of Plants On All Orders Of Vegetable Plants.growing Advicechillies And Peppers Grow Much Better In A Warm Greenhouse And Smaller Plants Will Do Well On A Sunny Windowsill. Chillies And Peppers Are Best Grown In Fresh Compost In Either Growbags Or Pots. plant Three To A Grow Bag Or One To A Pot. If Youre Planting Them In Beds, The Spacing Is Dependant On The Variety And Your Baby Chillies Will Have All Planting Inctructions Included When They Arrive. If In Doubt 20cm Is A Good Distance. pinch Of The Tips Of Chilli Plants When They Reach Around 20cm In Height Which Will Encourage The Plants To Produce More Fruits. Youll Need To Feed Both Chillies And Peppers Frequently, Especially Before It Starts To Flower. water Your Plants Regularly And Give Them A Liquid Feed Every Fortnight. Chilli Peppers May Require Some Support – Train Them Up A Bamboo Cane Or Look At Our Range Of Plant Supports For Some Long Lasting Plant Support Solutions. keep An Eye Out For Aphids, Whitefly And Spider Mite As These Can Damage Your Chilli Pepper Plants.these Chillies Can Be Harvested At Whatever Stage You Like But Pick Them Often So The Plants Continue To Keep Growing More.

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