Cucumber Crystal Lemon – Organic Plant Packs


These Crystal Lemon Cucumber Plants Will Produce Delightful Round Shaped Pale Yellow Coloured Fruits. This Old-fashioned Round Cucumber Is Juicy, Mild And Sweet With A Fantastic Flavour, Its Quick Growing And Very Prolific your Cucumber Plants Will Grow Outside But In Early May Pot Them Into 2 Litre Containers And Allow Them To Grow Larger; Either On A Sunny Inside Window Sill, Greenhouse Or Polytunnel, Before Planting Outside At The End Of May / Early June. remember When Planting Out In The Early Part Of The Season To Cover With A Horticultural Fleeceplanting Distance 30-40cm Apart In Planters, Raised Beds, Pots, Containers, Grow Bagspack Of 3 Healthy Growing Young Organic Yellow Cucumber Plantsvariety: Crystal Lemonthese Plants Will Arrive Bare-rooted With An Approximate Height Of 10-20cmgrown Pesticide Freeorder Now For Delivery From Mid To Late Mayplease Note: Due To Postage Charges Incurred We Require A Minimum Order Of 3 Separate Packs Of Plants On All Orders Of Vegetable Plants.

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