Dainese Racing, leather suit 2pcs. women


Dainese RACING motorcycle leather suit. A perfect mix of comfort, protection and performance made from the very best materials.
Interchangeable sliders Internal pocket Pro Shape Protektoren an den Hüften Removable composite protectors NanoFeel®liner S1 fabric Zipper for calf Inserts in stretch fabric Interchangeable sliders
Removable composite protectors With their special construction, composite protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees homologated to EN 1621.1 Standard offer elevated protection. A rigid external plastic shell absorbs and distributes impact energy over the protector’s entire surface thanks to a patented reticulate structure that also offers lower thickness and weight. The inside of the protector in high-density polyethylene foam has elevated deformability and high shape memory retention that ensures greater comfort through adaptation to the wearer’s body, which is also served by perforation on the outside that increases breathability.
NanoFeel® liner Innovative liner in bacteriostatic polyester yarn developed through nanotechnology. The treatment of nano-particles with silver ions ensures greater efficacy in antibacteria and anti-odour properties, longer life, and better resistance to washing because the silver particles are inside the fibre itself and not brought in from outside as in bacteriostatic yarns.
S1 fabric Continuous technological development and the pursuit of constantly improving performance led to the evolution of the bi-axial Arrow-FK fabric now known as S1 that increases mechanical properties. This fabric for sports apparel composed of an elastomer coated with Cordura® polyamide is distinguished by elevated mechanical strength and bi-axial elastic properties to guarantee excellent comfort levels. Protector treatment developed through nanotechnology applied to textile finishing also ensures excellent water/oil repellence properties.
Inserts in stretch fabric Elasticated inserts positioned in the most strategic locations improve the garment’s capacity for adaptation to the body’s changing shape and movement during riding.
Aerodynamic hump This improves the aerodynamics of the rider/vehicle system when the racer is bent low behind the handlebars.

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