EKEN Adjustable Chest Strap Mount Chesty Harness Action Camera Accessories


Feature:1.Full adjustable and suitable for all shapes and sizes:Waist strap adjusts from 25 inches (slack) to 67 inches (at full stretch). Shoulder straps adjustfrom 18 inches (slack) to 54 inches (at full stretch).2.Reliable material:High quality Elastic strap, made of superior quality polyester, durable and usable3.The chest strap is made with stretch-fit elastic and has a 4-point adjustable system to ensure a comfortable4.The J-hook quick release provided curves up at an angle so you can easily position your camera to shoot at the same as your body. You can alsoadjust the angle if you want to shoot your skis or wheels traveling over the terrain.5.Makes it easy to capture immersive video and photo footage from your chest.6.Perfect for your outdoor exercises, mountain biking, skiing, motocross, paddle sports, cliff diving and outdoor adventures hands free and confident.Package Included:1 X Chest Mount Harness

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