Energizer Rechargeable Power Plus AAA 700 Pre-Charged Batteries 4 Pack


Ideal in high drain devices from remote controlled toys, handheld games, MP3 players as well as torches and remote controls, these Energizer AAA batteries can also save you money on single-use batteries.They are pre-charged, so ready to use out of the pack and retain their charge better plus stay charged for up to one year without use. They can offer performance improvements in some equipment types as well.Keep them as spares or replacement for AAA-powered devices. These batteries can last up to 4 times longer in digital cameras when compared to Energizer’s standard alkaline batteries (although results will of course vary by device and use).Rechargeable batteries can also help the environment.SpecificationsBattery size: AAA Pre-charged: YesRechargeable: Yes, up to 1,000 times NiMHCapacity: 700mAhWhat’s included 4 x Energizer Rechargeable Power Plus AAA 700 pre-charged batteries

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