***EOL***Duracell LR44 A76 V13GA AG13 357 SR44 Alkaline Button Cell Batteries – Extra Value 20 Pack


These Duracell LR44 Alkaline coin or button cell batteries (also known as A76 or or AG13) can be used for a variety of applications such as watches, calculators and LED lights, offering superior performance and durability over cheaper unbranded coin cell batteries. These batteries also power some small electronic toys such as for Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures, Hexbug Nano Insect, Newton Gravity, Crab and Inchworm and also fit the popular Robo Fish water-activated plastic toys, and are often referred to as Robo Fish Food. Long-lasting Duracell Specialty LR44 Alkaline button batteries are reliable choice for your medical devices (glucometer, heart rate monitor), security devices (bank card reader) and other electronics (watch, clock radio, pedometer and more). Duralock Power Preserve Technology guarantees lasting five years in storage.

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