iMars KN331 bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver Transmitter 2-in-1 USB 3.5mm AUX Jack Stereo Adapter for TV Headphone PC Car CD


This portable, lightweight wireless audio transmitter and receiver is the ideal wireless audio solution for every situation and application, andcan be used with computers, mobile phones, televisions, home speakers, and car speakers. Use the latest bluetooth 5.0 technology, fasttransmission speed, high-quality stereo music, enjoy the convenience of bluetooth technology for life.Specifications:Brand: iMarsModel: KN331Technologies: BT5.0, A2DP, AVRCP (receiver mode only)Operation Range: Up to 10m / 33ft (without any blocking objects)Interface: USB, 3.5MM AUXPairing name(Receiver mode ): KN331Transmitting Spped: 24MbpsWorking Frequency: 24MHzTX: Transmitter mode, red LED light is onRX: Receiver mode, blue LED light is onDimensions: 45mm*20mm*11mmUse: Plug and playGross Weight: 50gMode switching:Use the TX/RX switch to switch modes. TX is the transmission mode(red LED). RX is the receiver mode(blue LED)1.Thereisnobuilt-inbattery,anditispoweredbyDC5Vusbinterface2.Insertusbpower,theredlightisoninthetransmittingmode,theredlightflasheswhenpairing,andtheredlightisalwaysonafterthepairingsucceeds.3.Insertusbtopoweron,thereceivingmodeisbluelight,thebluelightflasheswhenpairing,thebluelightisalwaysonafterpairingissuccessful.Use for computer:When you use it on your computer. No need audio cable and no driver required, plug and play (only audio cant transmit data).How to use: Switch to the transmitting mode (TX), the red light flashes, and the bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headset is turned

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