Kgeneral C10 64G High Speed Memory Card For DVR Mobile Phone Camera Support 4K Video


Description:1. Compatible with a variety of devices, bid farewell to Caton: compatible with Micro SD card slot device, while retaining the memory cards excellent speed and high performance, stable and durable use.2. 98MB/S high-speed data reading: fast lightning, upgraded Class 10 international transmission standard, 98MB/S high-speed transmission, file storage is completed in an instant, saving time and stable transmission.3. 4 heavy protection, safe and stable: U1 professional version with 4 protection functions will not be damaged after soaking in water for 72 hours, resisting the X-ray radiation and protect the airport is equivalent to the magnetic field and high temperature resistance of the MRI scanner.4. Adopting a new generation of smart chips to strictly guarantee the stability and smoothness of data transmission of Micro SD cards, and also ensure the safety of memory cards.5. Mobile phone expansion dedicated, efficient and stable: Optimized for mobile APP, play smooth performance, make mobile games not stuck, watch movie video more stable6. Photo camera-specific, fast storage: compatible with a variety of brand cameras, SLR, micro-single, camera, fast capture HD video, leaving a wonderful moment.7. Driving recorder special: Compatible with most of the driving recorders on the market, you can record 1080P HD full HD video and map information, and the video is smooth and not stuck, so you can safely escort.Feature:Type: Micro SD(TF)Applicable Host: Surveillance Camera

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