Liebherr WKes653 Wine Cabinet 12 Bottles Stainless Steel


The Liebherr GrandCru Wine Storage Cabinet WKes653 comes in a contemporary stainless steel colour with glass door and will fit 12 Bordeaux bottles. The WKes653 can be set to exactly the temperature required within the range of +5°C to +20°C, which will ensure that the selected temperature is maintained constantly and uniform throughout the interior. This WKes653 wine storage cabinet is ideal for storing wines for long periods of time to allow them to mature to perfection! All of the functions of this WKes653 can be simply and conveniently operated at the touch of a finger on the electronic touch panel and the temperature will be indicated in the control display so you can read them whenever you want! For ideal presentation of your wines, this WKes653 features LED lighting with dimmer function and separate switch. If that’s not all, the WKes653 comes with an extra beech-wood drawer that is ideal for keeping wine accessories at hand or for storing wine accompaniments like chocolate or candies. You won’t even have to worry about environmental odours affecting your stored wines, as this WKes653 liebherr wine cabinet comes with an easily replaceable activated charcoal filter that will ensure perfect air quality!

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