LiitoKala Lii-300 Intelligent Battery Charger


* With 2 kinds of charge current adjustment (500mA/1000mA); it can charge different sizes (18650/26650…/AA/AAA) of battery simultaneously.
* A variety of display modes, current (mA), capacity (mAh), voltage (V), time (h) and internal resistance (mR).
* In the Charger mode, different charge currents are charged; in the Dischareger mode (full charge before discharge), the battery capacity is detected; both the Charger and Dischareger modes can be performed simultaneously.
* Various protection functions, overcharge and overdischarge, short circuit, temperature, 0V voltage activation function, intelligent identification of bad battery and reverse battery detection protection.
* Each battery has an independent area in the LCD to display the charge or discharge parameters, and each battery can be set up for charge/ capacity detection simultaneously or independently.

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