Lloytron AA and AAA Battery Charger with 8x Duracell AA Rechargeable Batteries – VALUE KIT


Awesome Value Charger AND Battery Set: Our extra value 7dayshop price includes the very popular Lloytron B1502 charger plus 8 x Duracell AA NiMH rechargeable batteries…The Lloytron B1502 is able to charge AA (HR06), AAA (HR03) and 9v sizes and can charge either NiMH or NiCD rechargeable battery types. Charges 2 or 4 batteries Simple, safe, reliable and easy to use with good charging times. Built in UK 3 PIN plug.The Lloytron charger accepts 100~240V and is therefore ideal for travel if required. Intelligent battery charging for optimal battery performance and battery life.The pack includes 8 x New Duracell AA / HR06 rechargeable batteries which have a capacity of 1300Mah, Ideal for general and high drain uses including torches, radios, LED torches, childrens toys etc.This is a great way to get into using rechargeable batteries and make the switch to saving money, helping our environment and reducing landfill. Please browse our store to discover more…

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