LS2 OF558 Sphere Lux Snake, jet helmet


Made of KPA
A proprietary blend of polycarbonate, space age thermoplastics and additional materials specifically formulated by LS2, KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy) Offers ultra-light weight and high penetration resistance, but with some flexibility for the ultimate in energy dispersion. This special formula meets both ECE 22.05 and DOT requirements.
LS2 visors are made from 3D optically correct “A-class” polymers, a space exploration polymer with high resistance to impact energy and maximum visibility. Our visors are stable, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. All this combined with the ultimate PINLOCK technology provides the most advanced anti-fog standard.
Comfort lining
The anatomically correct cheek pads are based on the LS2 3D laser technology and provide a perfect fit. We use hypoallergenic substances, which remove the moisture to ensure the driver always pleasant conditions.
LS2 uses hypoallergenic substances that support the moisture transport and ensure a comfortable fit.
Removable and washable lining
All LS2 helmets have a fully removable and washable lining, so you can keep it as fresh as the first day. The anatomically correct cheek pads are laser cut to provide a perfect fit.
Quick release
The metal buckle combines with a high-quality chin strap with a plastic tongue with teeth. When closing you hear a soft “click”. As far as locking until you reach a comfortable but tight seat. Pull the ribbon to unlock the tongue. Further adjustment options are provided by the chinstrap on the side of the metal buckle.
Other features
EPS Multi Densidad Reinforced chinstrap UV-resistant coating

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