Mini Car LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit H1 60W 6000K 9600LM White Plug & Play Car Lamp Assembly


1. Small size, can be directly sealed inside the assembly, the original car dust cover without holes, the real non-destructive installation.
2. Ingenuity to create precise light, light body 0.3cm spacing. The imported lamp beads, lumen reached the industry's new high brightness 4800LM, comes with lenslets, concentrating increased by 75%.
3. Ultra-quiet dual ball bearing vortex fan cooling, increase ventilation, thermal strength, longer life, stable and luminous no noise. Air aluminum lamp body, a better auxiliary lamp fever, prolong life.
4. Aluminum alloy drive, increase EMC non-polar resistance, superior anti-interference ability. Intelligent temperature control system, monitoring and regulation at all times.
5. Achieve dynamic protection, automatic adjustment of current and lamp brightness according to the working environment.

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