MX5 Portable 2.4G Wireless Remote Control Air Mouse Wireless Somatosensory Remote Controller with USB 2.0 Receiver Adapter for Smart TV Android TV Box Mini PC


2.4G Fly mouse
2.4G RF wireless technology, high stability
2.4G wireless transmission, the distance is up to 10m.
Built-in 6-Axis Inertia Sensors, which supports somatosensory games.
LED light, LED input, you can use it as light in the night.
Easy pairing and operation.
With included USB 2.0 Receiver Adapter, supports Plug and play.
Supports plug and play, CD-ROM installation is free, optimization and custom designed for Android system, to achieve the application of intelligent human-computer interaction, and enhance the user experience.
Low power consumption.
Applicable to Smart TV, Android TV box, Mini PC, etc.
Supports System: Linux, Android, Windows, MAC OS.

Operation Instructions:
(1) Pairing: Insert the USB Receiver into the computer or Android USB interface equipment, then press the Rightdirection key and VOL+ at the same time. At the moment, the double LED indicator lights simultaneously flash. After the double LED indicator lights is off, It means that the pairing is successful. Then the LED indicator light flash with your each time press.
(2) Function of the keys:
Cursor locking / LED illumination key: The Cursor will be locked after short press. And, long press, the LED illumination will be turned on.
Game function keys: A, B, X, Y.
(3) In the PC mode, OK button is the left mouse bottom, and Return is the right mouse button.

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