New P9 Car Driving Computer Display Screen Car HUD Head Up Display


Feature:1. Available for cars with OBD2 and EUOBD port(Car automatic diagnosis system), plug and play.2. Multi-color design makes the screen more abundant and easier to read.3. Rich Contents: speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, driving distance measurement, shift reminders, fatigue driving reminders, low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, over speed alarm, engine failure alarm, eliminate the fault code, freely switch between kilometersmiles.4. Auto power on/off: it start and off with vehicle started and shutdown, effective protection of the car battery;retaining the manual switch mode, more easy to control.5. Long push right:Push right the wave button 5 seconds, then all LED will light, it means clear the engine fault code.6. Long push left:push left the wave button 5 seconds to turn off the buzzer,do it again to turn on the buzzer.7. Long press in:Press in the setting button for 5 seconds to enter into menu setting mode,after finish adjustment,vertical long press in 5 seconds to save it and exit.8. Short press in:switch for fuel consumption,voltage,water temperature,single driving time(Minutes), single driving distance(KM,Mile),Engine RPM.(pls note: after enter into the setting menu, vertical short press in is to increase the menu).9. Short push left:switch into the simple mode,only display the speed and RPM(pls note: after enter into the setting menu, short push left is to increase the default value).10

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