Non Iron Seersucker Tropical Birds Shirt


Part of a slight excursion into materials that I have not typically offered before, this is a shirt in seersucker. Seersucker is noted for its cooling properties as the puckered nature of the material tends to hold it away from the skin allowing circulation of air. For this reason seersucker has been an important material for the clothing and uniforms of manual workers in the past, especially in the US. However it is also easy to maintain, needing no ironing (yay!) and has a kind of elegance and allure all its own. Why didn’t I think of this before? My first seersucker has three motifs featuring exotic birds, accompanied by flowers and tropical leaves. There’s a lovebird, a parrot and a toucan, sitting quite contentedly with their floral embellishments generously spaced to give a delightful decorative effect. This shirt has a cutaway collar and single button cuff and is lined at the collar, cuff and plaquet with a no less intriguing ‘entomologist’s collection’ print of various simply drawn and coloured bugs and butterflies.

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