One For All TV Essence Universal Remote Control


Direct code setup
One time setup procedure using a 4 digit code to set up the remote
to control each different model of TV

Search method
A feature allowing the user to search through all codes in the
remote’s memory (if the codes listed don’t work or the brand is not

Code blink out
A feature allowing the user to discover which code a particular
device is using (if it has been set up using the search method, for

– Batteries: 4xAAA (Not Included)
– Battery life: over 12 months
– Number of keys: 39
– IR range: ~20mtrs
– IR frequency: 0-455khz
– Language support: Eng, Ger, Spa, Fa, Ita, Por, Ned, Pol, Cz, Hun, Swe,
Nor, Dan, Fin, Rus, Gre, Tur, Rom, Slov, Bul, Cro

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