Revit Flare, textile jacket waterproof


As foundation for the Rev it! Flare we took the Jupiter 2 jacket and gave it an urban makeover. The result is a jacket with the functionality of the waterproof Jupiter 2 and an additional playful look. The hydratex® G-liner construction ensures the Flare is waterproof, while the detachable thermal liner and VCS | zippers for ventilation under the arm and at the back broadens the range of temperatures in which the Flare is suitable. The detachable hood further highlights the urban flavor of the Flare, as does the distinctive tone on tone camouflage appearance. Thanks to the short connection zipper, the Flare is attachable to virtually any Rev it! trousers and even to our jeans when using the Safeway belt. TheRRev it! Flare comes standard equipped with armor, which is upgradable by installing our Seesoft™ level 2 back protector. Features
detachable thermal liner Knox® Flexiform protection prepared for Seesoft™ level 2 back protector insert laminated reflective logo race fit, regular adjustment strap adjustment tab VCS zippers air outlet short connection zipper double front zipper jeans loop detachable hood with adjustment straps drain eyelets at hood slit pockets inner pockets hydratex® G-liner

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