Richa Aim 2, Jeans


With the Aim 2 motorbike jeans we focus more on the casual motorcyclist with that value protection all the time. The Aim 2 jeans have a nice simple design which fits perfectly in the style of the naked bike and casual rider, nobody will see that you just stepped off the bike. The jeans have a straight fit which in combination with the kevlar panels ensures that the pants are easy to put on and take off. In short, the perfect motorcycle jeans inside the “budget”. Features
Reinforced with very resistant Dupont Kevlar fiber Reinforced on the inside with a layer of abrasionresistant Aranium Position of the knee protector is adjustable Comfortable and relaxed fit Straight fit D3O knee protectors
D3O-From MotoGP to on-road and off-road, D3O delivers a wide range of level 1 and 2 protection. D3O offers the number one choice for impact protection delivering comfort, flexibility and fit.

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