Rip n Roll Platinum, goggles


The Platinum goggle is the newest member of the RNR family. Made by RNR to the same high quality standards of all our RNR goggles. The Platinum is an upgraded version of the colossus goggle. With a wider frame, nose peice and outriggers. Still designed to give you massive vision on the track, by increasing the vertical & horizontal length of the lens. The colossal 48mm WVS (Wide Vision Systems) will give you uncompromising market leading vision. Features
Rip N Roll’s Latest XL Roll Off System will provide you with you best race visibility ever with a 48 mm film Wide Vision System (WVS) greatly increases both verticaly and horizontal vision Extra wide 45 mm strap provides beter grip on crash helmet and holds goggle in position Improved nose mask stops goggle from fogging, aids saftety and comfort Working outtriggers enables the strap to pivot at the point of attatchment which makes for a better fit on face and helmet Clear mud visor strips give additional 15 mm view Sillicone straps Lenax Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch/Full UV Protection/Impact resistant lens for clear vision

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