Simpson Venom Army, integral helmet


After some years of close cooperation for manufacturing Simpsons SNELL and FIA car racing helmets, the famous US brand Simpson Performance Products asked Vemar Helmets to add a touch of modern design and comfort to their iconic motorcycle helmet: the result is the all-new Simpson Venom, combining an agressive streetfighter look with first class comfort and technical specs, like the ultralight shell in Maxx-3C built with the VKS venting system, the enlarged visual field for a limitless vertical and peripheral vision, the visor prepared to fit Pinlock® MaxVision® lenses and the drop-down sun visor covering completely the visual field. Features
Visor with scratch-resistant treatment The visor can stay 1mm open to let additional air flow in and boost demisting during conditions of extreme humidity Maximum vertical visual field and full peripherical vision It allows secure locking of the visor even at high speed Fully detachable and washable comfort padding The internal visor can be quickly replaced without using any tool Ready for easy installation of Bluetooth headsets Chinstrap with DD-ring closing buckle
PINLOCK® 100% MAXVISION® READY Premium solution for a wide screen fog-free vision. The extended coverage of the Pinlock® 100% MaxVision® lens reaches all edges of the visor and provides a larger fog-resistant coverage area. The visor is compatible with Pinlock® lenses, its silicone seal creates a double wall system between the helmet visor and the Pinlock® lens itself, which is made of a special hydrophilic material that absorbs moisture and assures a completely fog-free vision.

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