SJCAM SJ8 Air PLUS PRO 40.5mm 4 in 1 CPL UV Lens Filter Cap


Feature:1. CPL is a commonly used filter, which is generally used for landscape photography to eliminate unnecessary polarized light, making the entire picture clearer and more transparent.2. The UV mirror is also called the UV filter, the UltraViolet. It is usually colorless and transparent, but some of them appear purple or purple in some angles due to the addition of an anti-reflection film. Many people buy UV mirrors to protect the delicate lens coating, which is just an accessory function. UV mirrors can reduce the blue tint caused by ultraviolet light. At the same time, for digital cameras, it can also eliminate the interference of ultraviolet light on CCD, which helps to improve the clarity and color effect.Tips:UV mirror may appear black circle phenomenon, this phenomenon is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem, please be careful!Package Included:(Not included the camera, just the lens filter)1 X CPL Lens1 X UV Lens1 X Adapter Ring1 X Lens Cover

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