Smalody USB Powered Speakers Soundbar with Microphone


[High-quality Sound]
Two well-tailored inner magnetic speaker units bring more rich music layering, professionally tune the soundtrack, in-depth integration with new tuning techniques, has been designed to give your computer's built-in audio the boost it deserves.
[Home Theater]
Perfectly match for your TV to turn it into a complete entertainment system, especially best for home theater, enjoy the great and warm time with your family.
[Universal Compatibility]
Suitable for any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, such as most PCs, laptops, tablets, projectors, etc.
[Space-saving Design]
Its low-profile design allows you to tuck the speaker bar directly under your monitor screen.
[USB AUX Ports]
USB-powered Soundbar is perfectly suitable for computers without worries about out of battery. Two 3.5mm audio ports, allowing you connect to earphones and microphone.

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