Suomy Speedstar, integral helmet


Tricarboco The outer shell is made of TRICARBOCO fiber, a mixture of Kevlar, carbon and fiberglass with different weights/breaking loads linked up. Loads, linked up with aramid resins that ensure a lighter, harder ,more safety and impact resistant shell. D-Ring retention system removable and washable Cheek pads and internal shell are completely removable and washable. They are made with prestigious sweat-absorbing materials largely customizables. Visor
Internal visor that can be operated from the outside and functions as sunglasses Visor geometries are carefully studied and designed through advanced optical software. The visor has a variable thickness in order to obtain the optical class 1, the best performance achievable for lens The visor is three-dimensional, optically accurate, printed in optic PC, treated with scratch-proof and UV blocking material Visor is treated with the most performing anti-scratch processes which effectively protect the surface The new mechanism under the visor is carefully designed in every detail in order to have a solid assembly with the visor and an easy removal system without the use of any tool Vertical and peripheral visibility fields are primary aspects while riding in road and track. The wide opening of the visual field allows a safer and more performing ride Max Vision Pinlock This helmet comes standard with a clear visor.
Ventilation Shapes, positions, air intakes positioning, canalization of the inner shell, comfort liners are developed to obtain the maximum efficiency in heat dissipation inside the helmet. Aerodynamic The shell shapes and related aerodynamic spoilers are optimized due to intensive sessions in the wind tunnel. Aerodynamic performances allow the best comfort at all speed.

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