Super Bright LED Headlight Car Head Light Conversion Lamp Kit 40W 6500K Auto COB Chip Light Bulb Red H1/ H4/ H7/ H11


features high brightness, great spotlighting effect, fast heat dissipation, long lifespan and so on. Having it, you don't have to worry you can't see clearly at night when you drive.

Consist of 2 pieces of copper substrates with large area and 2 ultra bright COB lamp beads chip made for special.
Small diameter, easy installation, high brightness, great spotlighting effect and fast heat dissipation.
Explosion proof, shock proof, waterproof, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, ect.
Super bright: 300% brighter than the traditional halogen lamp.
Stable white light source: more comfortable for human eye to accept and not easy to cause fatigue.
Heat dissipation: high speed mute fan produces directional pressurized air which is cool and helpful to abstract heat.
Energy saving: more bright than the ordinary and more energy saving.
Long lifespan: the drive is integrated, and the service life is up to 50000 hours and more.
Easy installation: just replace the original light directly.

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