T639 Car Recorder Wide Degree Lens Angle Full HD 1080P Car DVR Camera


Feature:1.Gravity sensor function.When the gravity acceleration starts,the machine will automatically save thevideo when the accident occured was not delete the file.2.File locking feature.The imaging process,the M key is pressed,the machine will not delete thecurrent video us saved as a file.3.Parking guard function.-Parking guards opened,when the vehicle stalled,tachograph into the automaticshutdown procedures,if you receive external vibration generated by the tachographwill open the camera,automatically shutdown after a record 10-15 seconds;when the body is detected again after the shock,again start camera function.-Parking for guarding video camera 1080P 30 frames/sec,and the file isautomatically locked.Note:The parking guard function must only work in the case of tachographautomatic shutdown,manual startup or shutdown,the parking guard does notwork.4.Motion detection function.Turn on the motion detection function,the camera would start recording aftershort pressing the OK button.It would turn to the motion detection standbystate after 10 seconds recording,this time ther is flashing yellow spot on theupper left corner of the screen.When detecting the movement,the recorder will start recording automatically,the yellow flashing spot turn to red flashing spot at the mean time.It will start recording again when detecting the movement motion.5.USB mode.Connect the USB cable to the computer,tachograph will automatically eject theUSB manual will appear the following options.-Mem

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