Toucan And Tropical Flowers Linen Blend Shirt


We dive once again into twilit tropical forest to encounter a toucan, delicately hued magnolia blooms, intensely scarlet vine flowers and other fascinating exotic forms from the botanist’s and the zoologist’s careful brush. Vintage illustrations of the natural world are a little bit of an obsession around here but for this design we have taken the bold step of printing them on a 55% linen, 45% cotton mix. Usually the relatively open weave of the fabric would work against definition and colour richness. However we have found a way, as you can see. Detail is superb, saturation of rich tones from vivid red through Prussian green, orange ochre, magenta, violet and leaf, beautifully inked and shaded. Our toucan approves! On a dusky blue canvas the soft handle shirt is cool, light and comfortable – perfect for the warmer months. With a single button cuff and cutaway collar – known around these parts as a ‘Harrison’

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