‘Tropical Dusk’ Linen Blend Birds And Foliage Shirt


We have developed a new approach to printing on linen blends, a way to preserve the detail and colour richness of the original artwork. Not an easy thing to do, as I am sure you can appreciate The relatively open weave of the fabric – 70% cotton, 30% linen in fact, would tend to work against this. We have succeeded, as you can see. This shirt evokes perhaps the sense of an enchanted, fragrant tropical dusk. Exotic foliage forms – palm, monstera and others fade gently into the background as twilight settles. Bright tropical birds perch serenely amongst them, their vivid saturated hues picked out in the falling light. A generously spaced design, to give a sense of calm and peaceful repose, the natural colour, texture and quality of the fabric ground is allowed to come through. The colour palette ranges from the most delicate sap and blue-greens in vestigial background leaf forms, through ochre and copper-red to saturated scarlet, gold, purple and manganese violet. A sophisticated, beautiful shirt for Summer

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