TX9 Wireless BT Transmitter Stereo Music Stream Transmitter Audio Adapter for TV DVD PC CD Player MP3/MP4


[High-quality Sound Effect]
Adopts Advanced BT Module which lets it gets high-quality sound effect with A2DP and allows you to enjoy the stereo music without wire restriction or watch TV quietly without disturbing your family members.
[Magical Function]
Change traditional DVD, TV or PC into a BT-enabled one. After connected with them (via 35mm audio cable or RCA cable), TX9 can transmit the audio files of them to the BT-enabled Receiver devices (such as, Headset, Speaker, BT Receiver, etc).
[Fully Compatibility]
With advanced BT solution, TX9 iscompatible with most BT-enabled devices (such as,Headphones, Speakers, Music Player, etc)and pair with them quickly and support transmitting music signal from up to 10 meters (33-feet) away.
[Power By USB]
With USB port, you can plug and play this transmitter easily and no need any other driver software, powered by USB, there is also no time limited.
[Compact Portable Size Lightweight]
Measuring Size 60 * 25 * 12mm and weigh 11g. You can conveniently enjoy BT music anytime and anywhere.

Wireless Freedom:
No more tangled wires, no more stretched cables, pair TX9 with any BT-enabled devices such as, Headphone, Speaker, BT Audio Receiver, etc to enjoy crystal clear stereo music.
Enjoy Late Night TV Program Quietly:
Many people have favorite late night TV program, Our TX9 BT Transmitter can letting you freely enjoy the late night TV program without disturbing your family members. Just Connect TX9 to your TV and enjoy your TV program without turning the volume down and prick up your ears to get the sound.

1.Powering on the device, then the indicator light flashes 1 second.
2.Pairing with the BT receiver, pressing the button of transmitter until indictor flashes fast.
3.The transmitter will search for nearby receiver to pair.
4.When pairing is completed, the light will flash slowly.

Note:Please do not attempt to connect the gadget to such as BT headphones or BT speakers, this is totally meaningless since the gadget functions as a BT receiver for those devices without BT feature itself but desire to receive BT signal.

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