Universal Adjustable Car Fuel Hose Auto Pressure Regulator With 160PSI Oil Gauge Kit


Description:1. Useful, universal, energy saving, easy to Use.2. Comes with bolts, connectors and installation kits.3. Adjustable from 0 psi to 160 maximum fuel pump capacity.4. It prevents fuel starvation for more consistent boost and fuel flow.5. Delivers vehicles highest performance, with highly reliable operation.6. Oil-filled design fuel pressure gauge for maximum and consistent measurement.7. Designed to maintain the optimal fuel rail pressure for high performance/turbocharged engine.Feature:Type: Fuel Pressure RegulatorMaterial: AluminumReading Range: 0-8 kg/cmFunctions: Speed power, stable fuel pressure, increase fuel injection quantity.Package Included:1 X Red Fuel Pressure Regulator1 X Liquid Filled Gauger4 X Screws

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