Universal Car PKE Keyless Entry System Engine Push Start Button Remote Control Alarm System


Product Description:Material:PlasticEngine start stopSize: 5cmHostSize: 7x6x3cmWorking Voltage: +12v+2VWorking Current: 6mARemote control frequency: 433MHZReceive frequency :433MHZFeatures:*Audible alarm* High-quality high-quality wiring harness, to ensure smooth operation of the current,Remote operationLong press the lock button for 5 seconds, start the vehicle remote control, but also remote flameoutIntroduction to Startup KeysMaterial: Use conductive adhesiveMaximum outside diameter: 40mmButton Thickness:Internal lighting: blue, red and yellow4 conductive contacts, do not use the current old mechanical key switch, the use of the effective number of 30 million times, without replacementInstallation method 1: directly remove the lock and use the buckle of the installationInstallation method 2: Remove the button behind the iron, using the paste installation methodRemote start function:1. To ACC, ON file first power supply, and then start the car2. Long press 5 seconds to start the remote control button3. Remote start detection handbrake, do not pull the hand brake remote start is invalid,4. 10 minutes after the start of remote control without operation is automatically turn off, the brake on the car to stop the flame function is canceledSensing mode switching function:Method:1. Open the ACC bar first2. At the same time press the remote control unlock key and lock key 1 seconds after release3. Horn sound that open the induction functionEmergency car function:When the induction

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