Viltrox JY-610 II Univeral On-camera Mini Flash Speedlite for Nikon D3300 D5300 D7100 Canon 5D Mark II III DSLR Cameras


JY610 II is a mini speedlight flash unit which is light weight on any camera.
Its guide number is GN 27 (in focal length 50mm at ISO 100 in meters).
The flash can be moved 90 upward, it has 0, 60, 75, 90 degree of vertical angle.
Exposure control system: M flash, Multi flash, S1, S2(slave).
Adopts LCD panel ensure easily operation and fixed knob.
Provided with stroboscopic function, this process could catch several images of moving object in one shot.
With a unique feature in manual mode: the GN of the flash unit can be adjusted by adjusting the EV on the cameras.
Quick safety lock is provided and can be mounted on any standard hot shoe.
Its small size can make it possible even to carry it in your pockets.

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