X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon Stoner Together, integral helmet


This is the new version of the high carbon X-lite racing full-face helmet, which has been enhanced with an exclusive racetrack setup (RS). This consists of an additional dark green visor in the box, the Racetrack Aerodynamic Spoiler (RAS) and an exclusive adjustment system for the position of the liner (LPC – Liner Positioning Control). The X-803 Ultra Carbon estimated and consolidated technical features are also present: compact size and reduced weight (due to the high carbon content and availability of three outer shell sizes), emergency cheek-cushion removal system (NERS-Nolan Emergency Release) system), reliable visor mechanism with Double action system, efficient RAF (Racing Air Flow) ventilation system and Carbon Fitting Racing Experience interior comfort padding (with innovative mesh construction). The X-803 RS Ultra Carbon is the most exclusive racing full-face helmet for motorcyclists who want to enjoy their racetrack experience to the fullest. Homologations
UN/ECE 22-05
SHARP – THE HELMET SAFETY SCHEME Nolangroup proudly underlines that all of its products – Nolan, X-Lite and Grex – tested by SHARP, the prominent independent test system run by the British Government, have obtained at least four stars. Furthermore, all of the “ip-up” helmets have received the highest possible rating in terms of chin guard latch reliability. This means that, for each of the products tested by SHARP, the chin guard remains completely closed during each of the 30 anvils (carried out on 6 different-sized helmets, at different speeds and against different objects).
This helmet comes standard with a clear visor

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