12Pin bluetooth Adapter AUX Cable 12V for Ford Focus Fiesta Monde


Specification:1. Name: 12Pin bluetooth Adapter Aux Cable2. Model: A424783. Material: Plastic4. Connector: 12Pin5. Black: GND-6. Red: 12V ACC+7. Cable Length: approx.26cm8. Suitablr for Ford Focus/Fiesta/Monde.NOTE: This adaptor will only work with stereos that have the AUX button and NOT CDDJ stereos (the stereos with 6 cds built in).Feature:- Plug and Play, easy installation.- Function via bluetooth-enabled devices.- No functional limitations of the car radio.- Allows you to connect an external audio source.- It is possible from your smartphone to your car stereo to stream.- Pair your phone with our bluetooth module,and choose Aux from your radio.- You can enjoy music from your phone through car speakers.- bluetooth 5.0 system, and compatible with other versions of 2.0 3.0 4.0 bluetooth system, support commonly used MP3 format audio, but also support WMA WAV FLAC, and other high-quality audio format decoding, non-ordinary Bluetooth functions, can support DSD large capacity transmission.- The voice of music APP and map navigation can be transmitted to the car by bluetooth Phone. This can only transmit the sound to the car, but the image can not be displayed on the car.Installation:Red power cable connected to 12V+Black power cable connected to 12V-12Pin plug into the CD player Jack (please confirm corresponding socket), mobile phone is connected with the bluetooth module, aux audio source selection, you can play mobile phone music.Suitable for all mobile phone with bluetooth

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