16″ 400mm Car Windshield Wiper Blade Universal U-type Frameless Bracketless Soft Rubber Windscreen Blade Clean & Quiet


1. Made from natural rubber, decent appearance, wipe cleanly.
2. Frameless, dual rubber flexible soft layer design, significantly reduces noise for silent wiping.
3. Flat aerodynamic blade ensures even pressure to reduce smears.
4. More direct pressure to the wiping edge for improved moister removal.
5. Perfect wiper performance on every point on the windscreen.
6. Bracketless soft wiper improved wiping capabilities in rain freezing weather.
7. U-type hook installation design, quick and simple.
8. Good elastic extension, which can prolong the life of the blade and lasting durability.
9. Universal U-type hook, suit for most kinds of cars.

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