AA Rechargeable Batteries – NiMH Performance with Long Life. Pre-Charged 2000mAh Capacity – 4 Pack


A superb high capacity, reliable and great value rechargeable battery – ideal for many uses.Perfect for all high and low drain devices and especially ideal for digital cameras too, these batteries are compatible with many good quality chargers and equipment types.Using rechargeable batteries will save you money over using “single-use” batteries – potentially hundreds of pounds.They cost only a few pence to recharge and can be used again and again (up to 1,000 times) – and often offer better performance than the best one-time use alkaline batteries.Recharging times are faster and it’s better for the environment as you’re not throwing single-use batteries away.Ni-Mh (nickel metal hydride) type batteries are favoured by demanding users as they are memory free and offer superb performance over traditional Ni-Cad rechargeable and even single-use alkaline types.How about using our batteries in your digital cameras, camera flashguns, TV remotes and game controllers, remote control vehicles, children’s and adult toys, stereos, bicycle lights (LED included!), torches, seasonal light, solar lights etc. etc.AA size batteries are also referred to as “Double A”  and HR06, LR6, LR06, KSAA and MN1500 sizes. They measure approx 5cm in length.SpecificationsBattery type: AA NiMH rechargeable – Low Self Discharge rate – ideal for all applications!Capacity: 2000mAh NiMH (HQ Nickel Metal Hydride)

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