AUDI Q7 I Air Suspension Compressor with Bracket


The compressor offered is a brand-new, OEM-quality component which is compatible with all Audi Q7 4L models produced between 2005 and 2015.

The Aerosus compressor is a plug & play spare part, which you can install and start using immediately after receipt. You’ll receive the compressor together with a 4-pin relay, a suction bridge, bracket, several connectors and a G290 thermal sensor. The relay can be found in the relay carrier in the driver’s foot well, in slot 1. The compressor is located on the right side, approximately in the middle of the underside of the vehicle.

The Audi Q7 I (4L Series) is the first SUV model made by the Bavarian automobile manufacturer and was produced in the period from 2005 to 2015. The elegant-looking vehicle combines sportiness with off-road capabilities. Its high ride comfort is facilitated by the optionally installed air suspension system with level control.

The Function of an Air Suspension Compressor

The air suspension compressor by Aerosus automatically regulates the vehicle level within the various operating modes, such as Comfort or Sport mode. In addition, it saves the time-consuming manual adjustments when carrying heavy payload or pulling a trailer. Simply put, the function of the compressor is to supply the level control and the air suspension with dried compressed air.

The compressor, manufactured exclusively for Aerosus, was produced using high-quality components and can be used as a plug & play car part. This means that all necessary components, which are required for the installation of the new compressor, are included in the delivery. Once the compressor fails and the level control is faulty, you can easily remove it and quickly fix the problem by installing a new Aerosus compressor. As with all our products, the components of the compressor are designed for longevity and robustness, so you’ll enjoy the replacement part for a long time after it’s been exchanged for the old one.

Information on Proper Installation of a New Compressor

In order to achieve a perfect result, we always recommend the installation or mounting of our products to be carried out by trained personnel or in a workshop. Changing the thermal sensor and the relay is essential when repairing a defective compressor.

The air suspension compressor is prone to wear and loses its capacity over the years. A typical symptom of a defect is, for example, a compressor that works too loud. Before changing the compressor, check the entire suspension for leaks. A leak can cause the compressor to overheat and be damaged, as it tries to compensate for the leak by constantly working. If an air suspension compressor has malfunctioned, then it’s necessary to inspect the entire system. Any defect in the level control can also lead to damage of the compressor.

Defective Compressor? Save Costs with a Spare Part by Aerosus

Aerosus compressors go through a series of functional and long-term tests before they are ready for serial production. All products that we include in our product range are subject to an expert control in Germany. Our goal is to offer OEM quality at an unbeatable price so you can enjoy our compressors for the Audi Q7 just as much as an original Audi component.

In addition, you benefit not only from high-quality compressors at reasonable prices by Aerosus but also from the outstanding service. When buying online, you get a two-year warranty on all our products and car parts. In addition, we grant you a 30-day money-back guarantee, well beyond the statutory 14-day withdrawal period.

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