BT600 2-in-1 USB bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter Portable Wireless Music Adapter 3.5 mm AUX for Car Stereo Home TV PC


Description:1. This portable and lightweight wireless audio transmitter and receiver is the ideal wireless audiobluetoothtransmission solution forevery situation and use.2. Transmitter mode: Wirelessly transmits audio from a non-bluetoothTV, home stereo system or CD player to abluetoothheadset orspeaker.3. Receiver mode: Wirelessly transfer audio from abluetooth-enabled phone, tablet with bluetooth or computer with bluetooth to cablestereo, speakers or headphones.4. This product is compatible with mostbluetoothprotocol products on the market, with low output delay and stable performance. Widelyused in computer / laptop / tablet / home stereo system / headset / smart phone / MP3 player and CD player and so on.Specification:Model: BT600Technology: BT5.0, AVRCP (receiver mode only), A2DPOperating range: max 10 m / 33 ft (when there is no obstruction)Pairing name (receiving mode): BT600Transmitter mode: red LED light is onReceiver mode: blue LED light is onProduct size: 32MM*17MM*10MMWeight (net weight): 15gMode Switching:First plug the product into the USB interface of the 5V output voltage.The default working mode of the machine is the transmitter mode after power-on.Press and hold the side button of the product for more than 3 seconds to switch to the receiver mode, and then press and hold toswitch back to the transmitter mode.Pairing and Operation Methods:A. Receiver mode:1. The blue LED flashes to indicate that it has switched to receive mode.2. The USB of this product is us

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