Car Wireless Audio Cable AUX USB Adapter bluetooth Microphone For BMW E46


Package Include:1 x Audio Cable Adapter1 x bluetooth MicrophoneFeatures:- Use original car’s AUX signal for HD audio transmission. Function via bluetooth-enabled devices.- bluetooth 5.0.- Eliminate the clutter caused by cables and cords.- No functional limitations of the car radio.- Allows you to connect an external audio source.- Integreated intelligent voice noise reduction tenology to reduce echo and noise.- The product uses digital audio processing to restore HIFI sound quality.- Can answer the phone in clear sound.Description:The bluetooth main control chip is used to reserve the AUX audio input function through the original car. The car bluetooth music player has wireless music transmission function, for the old and current car audio. Because many consumers find that listening to music is very troublesome. If there is no audio input port, you need to burn the disc, and the disc is slow to update, which is inconvenient. In many old stereos, the original car has reserved AUX external input function, so this product canuse the hidden function to support online music playback. In the streaming media era, online APPs are quite convenient, and the sound source is updated in time.Installation:Red power cable connected to 12V+Black power cable connected to 12V-Plug into the CD player Jack (please confirm corresponding socket), mobile phone is connected with the bluetooth module, aux audio source selection, you can play mobile phone music.Specification:1. Name: Audio Cable Adapt

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