EL-50449 TPMS Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor OEC-T5 Automotive Activation Tool For Ford


Description:The brand for Ford Cars, in the replacement tire pressure sensor or tire pressure alarm or exchange tires, need to carry out tire pressure reset operation.Operation Method:(1)Set the vehicle into the tire pressure training mode (plug the key, step on the parking brake, the car keys from the off to open 3 times, and then step on the parking brake, turn off the car keys, and then from the off to open three times; Training mode for the vehicle to start the state of the three consecutive dangerous alarm flash), if you hear the speaker sounded that the training mode has been enabled;(2)Starting from the left front tire, the antenna of the dedicated tool for tire pressure monitoring is facing upwards against the tire sidewall near the rim of the valve stem to start the antenna. Press and release the start button and wait for the speaker to emit a chirp. Once the speaker is chirping, the sensor information is read and the turn signal to be read at the next position will light;(3)When the speaker is ringing and the right front turn signal light is on, the remaining three sensors repeat step (2) in the following order: 3.1. Right before 3.2. Right rear 3.3.Left rear;(4)When the left rear sensor has been read and the speaker is also issued twice, the read process is completed and the body control module also exits the read mode.Precautions:1: The new battery power lead to less than the standard launch power, after use, please charge about 2 hours;2: Is the position of the a

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