Forge Tubular Mortice Latch Brass Finish 76mm 3in


The Forge Tubular Mortice Latch for internal doors can be used with any lever latch handle, lever on rose handle or door knob. Supplied with screws and fitting instructions.Fitting Instructions:1. Mark a height line on door face and edge as well as a centre line on door edge.2. Drill a Ø23mm hole into door edge to accept the latch body, and a Ø19mm hole in door face for the spindle bar measuring from the door edge (43mm for 65mm latch, 60mm for 80mm latch).3. Fit latch and use a pencil to mark around the faceplate. Chisel out so the faceplate lies flush with door edge.4. Transfer the height line onto the door frame and mark a vertical line at half the door thickness from the door stop.5. Drill a Ø16mm hole, 10mm deep at this point and square out with a chisel. Position the striking plate over this hole, mark around with a pencil and chisel out to lie flush.Case size: 76mm (3 inch). Backset size: 57mm. Forend finish: Brass.Supplied with matching screws, face plate and strike.

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