iMars TX11-C bluetooth 5.0 + EDR Audio Transmitter Support 3.5mm AUX Coaxial USB Audio Input Interface


iMars TX11-Cbluetooth 5.0 + EDR Audio Transmitter Support3.5mm AUX / Coaxial / USB Audio InputInterfaceProduct Parameters:Brand:iMarsbluetooth version: 5.0 + EDR Working distance: About 8M Power supply mode: USB DC5V Audio input interface: 3.5mm AUX / Coaxial / USBProduct use:TV coaxial use:1.Plug the audio cable into the coaxial adapter at one end,then plug the adapter into the coaxial audio output port oftheTV, and plug the other end of the audio cable into the coaxialinterface of the transmitter.2.USB power supply: mobile phone charger / TV USB/Computer USB etc3.Plug the TX11-C into the USB 5V charging port( Phone charger/Mobile power / TV USB / PC USB )4. After the TX11-C is powered on, when the blue LED flashes,it indicates that the product startup is completedand hasentered the search pairing state.5. Turn on the bluetooth audio/earphone and enter the pairablestate, waiting for the TX11-C to automatically pair.After the pairing is successful, the blue LED light is always on.5,set the audio output of the TV, different TV settings will be different.Millet TV: Settings — Output Devices — SPIDFLeTV: Settings – Sound – Speakers External speakersSharp TV: Settings -Digital Audio Output – PCM16Samsung TV: Settings – Output Settings – External SpeakersMore TV settings are in the collection…Computer use installation:1. Insert TX11-C into the USB of the computer, LED red and blue flashing.2. Turn on the bluetooth headset or bluetooth stereo, and enterthe pairing status.3. Wai

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