Klim Teton Merino Wool S19, functional shirt shortsleeve


KLIM® engineers a complete array layering solutions for every possible outdoor condition, specifically designed for the rigors of powered and unpowered outdoor activities. The KLIM® TETON MERINO WOOL BASE LAYER is the ultimate layering option for your outdoor adventure on motorcycles, snowmobiles or any other outdoor activity. Built with a KLIM®-specific 80/20 formula of Merino wool/nylon, TETON MERINO WOOL offers an industry-first complement of everyday functionality including multi-day odor resistance, warm and cool reactive temperature regulation, comfort and breathability. The ultimate every day multi-tool layer.
Benefits of wool
Multi-day odor resistance Temperature regulating warm to cool Soft and breathable
Custom 80/20 blend of merino wool/nylon specifically designed for the rigors of Motorcycling/snowmobiling while remaining 100% functional for casual use and retaining all of the benefits of merino wool Knit from sub 17 micron merino fibers for unequaled comfort 150 gsm merino wool Extremely versatile/regulates your microclimate in both hot and cold climates (able to keep you Warm and cool built into one garment) Antimicrobial / odor-resistant / multiple-day use without odor Maintains insulating value even while wet Static resistant Shrink resistant Breathable Stain resistant Classic short sleeve t-shirt styling functional everyday Open body fit not too loose, not too tight Muted branding

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