Land Rover Discovery 4 Air Suspension Compressor incl. housing, intake / discharge kit (2009-2017)


The Land Rover Discovery 4 combines good off-road and road properties like not many other vehicles. The fourth generation built from 2009 to 2017 was available with air suspension. With this equipment, the well-equipped Briton is moving towards the upper class.

Land Rover has built three types of compressors for the Discovery 4, the Hitachi version, the old AMK version and this improved AMK version that you can buy here. Please refer your workshop to "Technical Bulletin LTB00420v3 dated May 20, 2014".

The compressor offered here fits without restriction for all Discovery 4 models from year of construction 2012 or from chassis number CA638965.

Vehicles between 2009 and 2012 or from chassis number 9A513326 to CA638964 have been fitted with the Hitachi compressor or the old version of the AMK version. The new version of the AMK version compressor is supplied by us as a set, with: pipes, hoses, connections, compressed air lines, seals, bracket, relay and new cover / housing. If your current compressor is the Hitachie version, after installing this improved AMK version compressor, the control unit of your vehicle must be reprogrammed.

Our spare part is an equivalent alternative in OEM quality. In the workshop, it can be installed immediately as a plug & play, without any additional accessories. We deliver the associated relay. Since this relay has a limited lifespan, it must also be replaced, even if the old one still works. The guarantee depends on the installation of the supplied component. The compressor is located under the vehicle on the left at the level of the rear door. The associated relay is located in the fuse box, viewed from the front of the vehicle at the front left. Your workshop can easily replace both components.

Air suspension and level control for driving comfort

The air suspension raises the Land Rover Discovery to a higher level of comfort, because it responds more comfortably to bumps in the road than conventional steel springs and thus ensures a high level of ride comfort. This also benefits the Land Rover when driving over gravel roads. Another advantage is the automatic level control. Large SUVs such as the Land Rover are often used in trailer operation. The level control adjusts the rear suspension and ensures that the car does not sink in at the rear.

After years of driving, wear-related problems can arise that make it necessary to replace a chassis part. Compressors also sometimes cause problems after a long period of operation. The main reason that the compressor has to be reinstalled is due to leaks in the air suspension and especially in the air springs. If they lose air somewhere, the compressor stays on for too long or constantly. The compressor overheats or leaves, after all the compressor is also defective. A sure sign of damage is when the compressor gets too loud and the level control is defective. An error message on the display of the car also indicates damage.

High quality compressors at low cost

An equivalent, but cheaper replacement part for the originally installed unit is a compressor from the Aerosus brand. We have these auto parts manufactured by auto suppliers according to the specifications for your Land Rover Discovery. The quality check is carried out by experts in Germany. Thanks to the perfect dimensional accuracy, the compressors can be easily installed and have a service life like the original part.

After the compressor has been repaired, it is advisable to have the Land Rover Discovery compressed air system checked for leaks by your workshop. So you can be sure that this defect will not reappear as soon. You get a two-year warranty on all parts and a 30-day money-back guarantee. How to buy good quality at affordable prices without risk!

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