Lemon Balm – Organic Plant Packs


Lemon Balm Is A Must Have If You Like Herbal Teas, The Bright Green Leaves Burst Of Lemon When Squeezed, Just Put A Few Into A Mug Of Hot Water, Let It Infuse For A Few Minutes For A Calming Cuppa.the Leaves From The Organic Lemon Balm Plants Also Go Well With Mint And As The Plants Are Closely Related They Grow In Much The Same Way, Dying Back In Winter And Re-appearing The Following Spring. It Is Best To Plant In Pots As The Plants Can Spread Quickly. supplied As A Pack Of 3 Healthy Growing Organic Plantssupplied In 9cm Potslemon Scented Leaves Are Perfect For Herbal Teasgrows Quickly As Spreads So Best To Plant In Potsdies Back In Winter, Reappearing In Springdelivery Mid To Late Maygrown Pesticide Freeallow Up To 3 Weeks For Deliveryplease Note: Due To Postage Charges Incurred We Require A Minimum Order Of 3 Separate Packs Of Plants On All Orders Of Vegetable Plants.

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