Liebherr GP2033 Comfort Freezer Freestanding A++ Energy Rating White


Boasting an A++ energy rating, the Liebherr Comfort GP2033 Freezer is a smart way to freeze your food. With 60cm width, the Liebherr Comfort GP2033 Freezer has reversible door, so it can fit in any kitchen, whatever the layout. The interior of the Liebherr Comfort GP2033 Freezer features five transparent drawers so you can find what you are looking for at a glance. Its 156 litre net storage space is generous enough to meet the frozen food needs of any big family. The automatic, time-controlled SuperFrost function freezes food rapidly while preserving the vitamins. Its practical VarioSpace system allows drawers to be easily removed, quickly creating extra storage space. The SmartFrost feature of Liebherr Comfort GP2033 Freezer vastly reduces ice build-up in the interior and on frozen foods so that defrosting is required far less often, while the interior walls stay smooth and easy to clean. With FrostSafe, the extra-high and removable drawers are closed all round so the cold cannot dissipate quickly when the appliance is opened. With 24 hours power failure safe storage time, 19kg freezing capacity in 24 hours and optical and acoustical freezer malfunction warning signal, the Liebherr Comfort GP2033 Freezer also features slimline door handle with integrated opening mechanism and transport castors and handles at back.

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