Masterlock MLK5415E Reinforced Security Key Safe


The Master Lock 5415E Wall-Mounted Reinforced Key Lock Box has a solid zinc body with dual locking levers. Has a 4-digit resettable combination. Provides storage for keys, credit cards and more. Weather resistant, and has a strong resistance to hammering and sawing attacks. Can be used both inside and outside the home, office, worksite or anywhere that restricted or safe access is required. Masterlock have now taken this to the next level with the 5415E in which you can safely leave keys for children to get in after school, so you don’t have to be there to let them in, for an elderly family member you need to visit on a regular basis, or for just storing keys safely just in case you lose them on your travels. All Master Lock products with a locking mechanism have a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure. External Dimensions: 135 x 105 x 46mm.Internal Dimensions: 65 x 96 x 35mm.

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